Healthcare and Beauty

For many years since the start of our firm in 1981, we have been providing legal services to cosmetics manufacturers, health food manufacturers, beauty salons and various other clients. Our services include advising such clients on domestic and cross-border distributorship agreements, license agreements (patents, trademarks, etc.), and compliance with pharmaceutical regulations applicable to cosmetics, labeling and other regulations applicable to health food (e.g., "food for special health uses," "food with nutrient function claims" and "food with function claims"), and other laws and regulations relating to the health and beauty business; representing clients in disputes relating to trademarks, patents and other forms of intellectual property as well as product liability; and supporting them in M&A deals, business alliances and other transactions based on the statutory regulations unique to this industry.

We provide practical advice on statutory regulations at different stages of the business such as research and development, manufacturing, distribution, promotion and advertisement, as well as assist clients in responding to administrative or government investigations relating to labeling regulations, food regulations and various regulations applicable to the health food industry, antitrust laws, the Representations and Premiums Act, consumer laws, and a host of other laws and regulations.

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