OH-EBASHI English Newsletter 2024 Summer Issueを発行いたしました


OH-EBASHI English Newsletter 2024 Summer Issueを発行いたしました。

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Overview of the New Freelance Act and Some Remaining Issues for Freelancers (弁護士 今井 明日香
For a long time, issues have surrounded freelancers or persons who do various kinds of work but are not covered by employment contracts. As self-employed workers, freelancers have been traditionally excluded from social protections, such as those afforded by labor laws and social security, and they are often taken advantage of given their vulnerable position. ...(続きはPDFをご覧ください)。

Overview of Responsive Actions to Defamatory Posts (弁護士 小林 直弥
Companies have been increasingly facing reputational damage from defamatory posts on the Internet. In Japan, there are generally two possible actions that can be taken by such companies to respond to such defamatory posts. The first is to have the defamatory post removed by demanding that the administrators of the subject social networking services or websites (the "content providers") delete the defamatory posts. The second is to file a direct lawsuit against the individual responsible for such posts (the "sender") by first demanding that the content provider or the internet service provider ("internet provider") disclose the identification information of such sender. An overview of these responsive actions is provided below....( 続きはPDFをご覧ください)。