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2018.07.23 ~2018.07.24
Asia Legal Practice Morning Seminar (8): 2017 Amendment of the Indian Companies Act and Corporate Governance
Practical Measures in Light of the Supreme Court Decisions in the Nagahama Unyu Case and Hamakyorex Case -- Specific Steps for Reviewing and Amending Wage Systems and Allowances
U.S. and European Investment Restrictions that May Affect Cross-Border M&As -- Focusing on the CFIUS
Crisis Management and Compliance Measures -- Based on the Latest Practices of an American Law Firm
2018.07.12 ~2018.07.13
A Seminar on the Practical Handling of Corporate Scandals
Present and Future of M&As Using One's Own Shares as the Consideration -- Prospects on the Share Delivery (kabushiki kofu) System Taking into Consideration the Tax Implications
A Study of the Main Points of the Amendments of the Law of Obligations through Case Studies
Learning from Cases: Essential Points in the Civil Code Reform and Its Effects on Practices - Commentaries on Important Matters and Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
An Explanation of the Sample Investment Limited Partnership Agreement Revised Mainly for VC Funds
2018.06.18 ~2018.06.19
Asia Legal Practice Morning Seminar (7): Dispute Resolution in Vietnam
Catching up with the Anti-Monopoly Act -- Centering around Recent Topics
Points concerning the Amendments of the Chinese Unfair Competition Prevention Act -- Amendments regarding Commercial Bribery and Practice Trends
Themes of the Proposed Amendment to the Companies Act and Its Potential Effect on Practices - Based on the Interim Draft of the Amendment
【Osaka】Current Status and Issues of Practices in the Collection of Claims and Restructuring in China (including the Latest Practices in Bankruptcy Law)
Legal Affairs Practices in Preparation for the Prosecutorial Agreement System in Japan
Contract Drafting Practices for Businesses - Including Commentary on the Amendments to the Civil Code - Session 3: Agreements on Entrustment of Business and Sales Collaboration Agreements
Effective Preservation of Claims and Proper Claim Collection When Preparing for Default by a Business Partner, from the Perspective of Bankruptcy Lawyers
【Osaka】Understanding in 90 Minutes! - Overview of the Changes Made to the Employee's Invention Reward System by the 2015 Amendment to the Patent Act and Remaining Issues
Seminar for Legal Staff: Basic Knowledge on Drafting Contract in English, OEM Agreement
【Tokyo】Current Status and Issues of Practices in the Collection of Claims and Restructuring in China (including the Latest Practices in Bankruptcy Law)

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