International Dispute Resolution

As their businesses expand, Japanese companies are getting more involved in litigation, arbitration and other forms of dispute resolution overseas.

We have an abundant experience in cross-border litigation involving international commercial disputes, product liability actions, tort claims, antimonopoly law-related disputes and intellectual property disputes worldwide, more specifically, in the USA (including major U.S. class actions), Europe, China, South Asia, India, the Middle East, South America, Africa, Australia, etc. Our global network of foreign law firms facilitates our delivery of efficient and appropriate advice [and legal services] to Japanese enterprises and other clients involved in the relevant disputes.

Our international arbitration practice consists of a team of members who have been actively representing parties or sitting as arbitrators. We can offer, in response to the various needs of the clients, practical and commercial solutions throughout the process from the stage of negotiating the contract to the stage any dispute arises, including with respect to the procedural [steps and] issues, settlement negotiations, arbitration proceedings and enforcement of the award pursuant to the rules and procedures of the relevant arbitral institutions such as the JCAA, ICC, ICDR/AAA, CIETAC, SIAC, LCIA, HKIAC, KCAB and SHIAC as well as the UNCITRAL arbitration rules or other rules for ad hoc arbitrations. The commercial disputes that we handle cover a wide range of subjects such as joint ventures, M&As, collaborative development contracts, licenses, sale and purchase agreements, international construction contracts, distributorships, energy purchase contracts, etc.

We also assist in obtaining the best solutions to disputes for local and foreign clients in various other kinds of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) including international mediation.

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