Unfair Competition

The Unfair Competition Prevention Act prohibits various activities such as the unauthorized use of well-known/famous indications of goods, imitation of product forms, illegal acquisition/use/disclosure of trade secrets, illegal use of domain names and assertion or dissemination of false information with respect to a competitor. The Unfair Competition Prevention Act aims to protect credibility, trade secrets, and other such commercial assets by regulating acts of unfair competition, and should be followed regardless of industry or business type.

Our firm has handled a large number of counseling activities, negotiations and lawsuits where unfair competition was an issue, and has a track record of handling noteworthy cases. Our firm also has lawyers who were involved in writing the treatise for the Unfair Competition Prevention Act, as well as lawyers with extensive experience and who are capable of responding accurately to various unfair competition concerns.

In addition, our firm is engaged not only in disputes concerning unfair competition but also in providing advice on in-house information management to properly protect trade secrets. We are capable of assisting clients in the creation of an appropriate confidential information management system.

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