Singapore is located at the center of South East Asia, and Japanese companies have actively operated in Singapore for quite some time using it as a hub to expand their business in the region. Many Japanese companies have given their subsidiaries in Singapore the function of supervising their production sites scattered throughout South East Asia. In addition, due to reasons such as the stable government, favorable sentiment toward Japan and high educational standard focused on producing white-collar workers, a large number of operating companies chiefly in the high added-value industries, including those of biotechnology-based pharmaceuticals, retail, and restaurant and service, have also expanded their business into Singapore. Furthermore, it is also alluring that almost all of the business in Singapore is conducted in English and communication with local employees in English is also possible as their official language is English.

One of Singapore`s national policies is to enthusiastically attract foreign-affiliated companies. Except for certain businesses, there are few restrictions on the establishment of foreign-affiliated companies. Under Singapore's employment law, there is more leeway in the choice of the terms and conditions of employment agreements than in Japan. Accordingly, it is possible to expand business more freely than in other South East Asian countries. Also, Singapore has adopted a legal system that descended from English law and their judicial system is stable and predictable compared to other countries. As a result, disputes that occur in Asia are often resolved in Singapore through arbitration or other processes.


We are broadly experienced in the acquisition of Singaporean companies, establishment of local subsidiaries, preparation of various contracts for joint venture businesses in Singapore, financing to Singaporean companies, preparation of rules of employment and employment contracts, preparation of various agreements such as trade agreements, license agreements and lease agreements with Singaporean companies, resolution of disputes with local employees, and research on various Singaporean laws such as the Personal Data Protection Act.

We also have several lawyers trained at law firms in Singapore.

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