"FinTech" is an innovation in the area of financial services created from the integration of "Finance" and "Technology." FinTech is receiving widespread attention as a target for new market exploitation not only from players in the financial sector, but also from many other industries.

Traditional financial institutions can develop new services that can adapt to the new business environment through collaborations with information and communication technology (ICT) companies engaged in FinTech businesses. ICT companies can further advance their technologies which have the vast potential of changing the whole society [alternative: world], such as artificial intelligence (AI) and the blockchain technology. However, new business developments [and services] require meticulous attention from the outset to avoid unexpected legal risks under undeveloped legal regulations.

Based on our broad knowledge and experience acquired over the years in various business fields, we can provide comprehensive legal support to start-ups that are considering FinTech as a source of business opportunities, financial institutions, including regional banks and insurance companies, or any other business player involved with or interested in FinTech to enable them to perform their businesses strategically in accordance with the latest laws and regulations.

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