Bankruptcy and Special Liquidation

Our firm has extensive experience in handling various business restructuring cases. It is capable of seeking the best possible solution from a variety of insolvency schemes available, and does not always choose bankruptcy. Nonetheless, if bankruptcy is considered to be the best possible option, Our firm advises its clients to pursue Bankruptcy proceedings, but only after providing them with the necessary explanations and sufficiently discussing such option with them. Professional skills and abilities of a legal counsel are necessary to implement and complete bankruptcy proceedings in a fair, swift and appropriate manner. Our firm consistently tries to minimize the negative impact on the client's employees, business partners and creditors, which may be caused by bankruptcy proceedings.

Special Liquidation is often utilized to liquidate a company that has transferred its entire assets but still owes financial debts. Our firm has substantial experience in handling Special Liquidation matters and is capable of giving clients professional support in Special Liquidation cases. Special Liquidation is sometimes used as the option when the companies liquidate its subsidiaries.

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