Criminal Defense

In addition to acting as private defense counsel, our firm accepts appointments made by bar associations (touban bengoshi) or courts (kokusen bengo) and provide other pro bono defense services in various phases of investigations and criminal trials. Our firm also has experience in handling saiban-in cases (a kind of jury system), and our attorneys have successfully obtained acquittals therefrom.

Furthermore, aside from handling cases involving adults, several of our attorneys belong to the Children's Rights Committee of various bar associations and play an active role in handling juvenile cases as attendant lawyers (tsukisoinin).

Additionally, we advise and provide representation on disputes, including litigation, on behalf of victims of crimes.

The nature of cases vary, e.g., there are cases where we should try to obtain acquittal, cases where we should seek an appropriate sentence by encouraging deep self-reflection on the part of the accused and provide an appropriate response to the victims, etc. Our firm is committed to exert every possible effort to develop the most suitable vision and policy for each case through the thorough examination thereof.

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