Information Security and Cybersecurity

 Now that information technology (IT) is everywhere in our lives, the exchange of information using IT as a social platform has become essential. While the importance of IT is increasing, any problems encountered in using IT may seriously affect our lives and economic activities. A number of accidents and incidents that have caused damages to company operations and businesses have been reported, such as an increase in cyber-attacks targeting various organizations, and leakages or unauthorized use of information.

 In these circumstances, every organization, including companies, is expected to reinforce its information security and cybersecurity, as one of the duties it must perform in developing its business with the use of IT. Following the Basic Act on Cybersecurity enacted in November 2014, the Japanese Cabinet adopted a new national strategy showing its basic guidelines entitled "Cybersecurity Strategy" in September 2015. Along with the progress of the Internet of Things (IoT), which is the concept that everything, including home appliances, automobiles, robots and factories, is connected to networks, a greater risk is anticipated that manufacturing sites, such as factories, and infrastructures may become the new targets of cyber-attacks. The importance of information security measures is growing.

 With an attention to various regulations relating to information security in Japan and overseas, our firm conducts multifaceted and strategic analysis and provides practical legal advice in a wide-range of areas, including finance, real estate, life sciences, IT and the internet. Further, we have abundant experience in managing emergencies, such as leakages or unauthorized use of information. For our clients that are companies and organizations conducting their businesses globally, we are able to organize the best teams of attorneys and experts who, by working together, are able to efficiently resolve information security issues.

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