Chinese Practice

Our firm was the first Japanese law firm to establish an office in Shanghai, and since then, we have been actively engaged in facilitating businesses relating to China. We are capable of providing Japanese companies with advice concerning any legal issue about their business and operations in China.

The legal and economic environment in China is constantly changing. Investment schemes have become increasingly diversified ranging from companies acquiring private and national Chinese companies to joint investment projects in conjunction with Taiwanese and Hong Kong companies. The laws, regulations and actual business practices in China have become more complicated than ever, including in the areas of intellectual property, antitrust, international trade, product liability and other business-related laws. Moreover, for Japanese companies with subsidiaries and affiliates in China, internal controls and risk management systems throughout the company as a whole are becoming very important.

In order to address the increase of business and litigation matters in China, we have a strong practice group devoted to China-related matters and the members of which are spread among our Osaka, Tokyo and Shanghai offices. The three offices are in close contact with each other constantly collecting and analyzing information on the latest laws, regulations and precedents in China. The collaboration between our lawyers who are familiar with Japanese matters and the local lawyers in various parts of China enables us to answer the needs of our Japanese clients regarding doing business in China, export and import transactions, investments, tie-ups, legal disputes, restructuring, management of intellectual property rights, valuation and establishment of internal control systems, and other matters.


Specifically, we can advise our clients on:

  1. Formulating investment, reorganization and exit schemes and assisting in the implementation thereof;
  2. Advising clients with existing companies in China (including joint venture companies) regarding management and operation, dispute resolution, changes in laws, trade agreements, internal regulations, product quality issues, shareholder disputes, labor disputes and other matters);
  3. Handling negotiations concerning inter-company disputes and international transactions, and handling arbitration and lawsuits in China;
  4. Handling general commercial disputes and debt collection in China;
  5. Settling intellectual property disputes, including matters concerning infringement of patents, trademarks, know-how, trade secrets and licenses;
  6. Filing formal complaints with tax authorities and undertaking tax-related litigation concerning transfer pricing and the use of investment vehicles or holding companies;
  7. Advising on developing risk control systems for Chinese subsidiaries and handling any unlawful conduct therein, including corporate crimes;
  8. Provide advice on anti-monopoly and related laws.

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