Hong Kong

Under the "one country, two systems" policy, Hong Kong maintains its unique legal and economic systems, granting all people equal opportunities with no limitation to foreign investments. Hong Kong is characterized by unrestricted transfer of capital and personnel, a freely exchangeable currency system with the Hong Kong dollar, which is different from the Chinese Renminbi, a high level of autonomy from Mainland China (in legislative and administrative power), rule of law maintained by the independence of its judicial organization, and two official languages, English and Chinese (Cantonese). As Hong Kong may enter into international agreements of its own, separate from Mainland China, Hong Kong is independently participating in many global economic organizations such as the WTO, APEC and FATF. In addition to the features above, Hong Kong`s low tax rates have led to an increasing number of multinational corporations establishing their controlling offices, such as holding companies, in Hong Kong to provide supply, marketing, and management functions for several countries and regions. Since its status as the offshore market for Renminbi has been also strengthened, the number of IPOs in Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing in 2013 ranked No.2 in the world. Furthermore, the mutual transactions between the securities exchanges in Hong Kong and Shanghai are attracting attention.

Hong Kong is important not only as a global financial center or a base of import and export, but also as a venue for dispute settlement in which neutral and fair judgments can be expected from the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre (HKIAC), which is governed by the UNCITRAL modeling method regulations and holds an important position in the world as an international commercial dispute settlement organization, and from the fact that Hong Kong's judicial system is derived from the United Kingdom. Therefore, Hong Kong has a strong business relationship with Japanese companies.


Our firm provides appropriate legal support to Hong Kong-related matters with our registered foreign lawyer who is qualified as a Hong Kong solicitor and is experienced in law practice in Hong Kong and also in collaboration with law firms in Hong Kong which we established close relationships with and, depending on the matters, with the lawyers of our China Practice Group. A variety of the legal services we provide for Hong Kong-related matters include an investment into Hong Kong, M&A with a Hong Kong company, import and export with Hong Kong, business transactions, dispute resolutions such as international arbitration using Hong Kong as the venue, taxation in Hong Kong, inheritance in Hong Kong as well as an investment in China through Hong Kong.

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