Competition/Consumer Protection Litigation

Our law firm has handled a significant number of landmark litigation cases before administrative bodies and courts to contest orders issued by regulatory authorities. We have also dealt with numerous civil litigation cases, from both plaintiff and defendant sides, for injunctive relief and/or compensation of damages, etc. with respect to competition and consumer protection laws. Moreover, we are eligible to handle new types of lawsuits (such as lawsuits seeking injunctions filed by qualified consumer organizations under the Consumer Contract Act or the Act against Unjustifiable Premiums and Misleading Representations, and lawsuits seeking declaratory judgments on common obligations under the Act on Special Measures Concerning Civil Court Proceedings for the Collective Redress for Property Damage Incurred by Consumers) using the latest available knowledge and information. We provide the most suitable strategic solutions to competition/consumer protection litigation cases, using experience we have acquired and developed through the various litigation cases we have handled.

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