Sustainable Finance and ESG Investment

Our firm has accumulated abundant experience in handling cases in this field by continuously providing legal advice to financial institutions and electric power producers concerning the renewable energy power generation business and the financing arrangements related thereto. In recent years, we have been working on next-generation energy issues by being involved from the outset in building project structures and setting up businesses involving hydrogen, rechargeable batteries and the like.

The features of sustainable finance are fluid and diverse. In addition to green finance to address energy-related challenges, including those described above, many different schemes have emerged, such as ESG finance centering on SDG bonds, and impact finance that takes into consideration social impact alongside the risks and returns. These financing arrangements require not only expertise on conventional financing schemes, such as corporate finance, project finance and asset finance, but also the careful analysis and examination of various guidelines and publicly available government information.

Based on our expertise and experience relating to finance that have been developed by us for years, our firm can assist sustainable finance by providing comprehensive legal services, including advice on the design of a product, examination of the relevant laws, regulations and guidelines, due diligence that will be the basis for investment and financing decisions, and preparation of various documentation.

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