Merger Control

Our firm has expertise in obtaining approvals from domestic and international competition authorities, including the Japanese Fair Trade Commission, especially in challenging cases such as mergers between enterprises with high market shares. Taking advantage of our group's know-how in merger review cases, we handle these types of matters not only when providing legal advice on the M&A transactions themselves but also when other law firms are leading the M&A transaction. We offer various legal services, such as filing documents and legal opinions for the parties concerned, as well as for such parties' customers or competitors affected by the M&A transaction.

In obtaining approvals, we are capable of providing case-specific analysis on the competitive effect using our deep understanding of actual conditions in the relevant industry, thereby allowing us to successfully persuade competition authorities to approve the M&A transactions. If a remedy is sought by competition authorities, we are capable of providing solutions to achieve the purposes of the M&A as much as possible while addressing anticompetitive concerns. Moreover, recently, economic analysis has been used in the review of merger cases. Our lawyers, who are knowledgeable in economic analysis, are capable of preparing an economic analysis report in cooperation with economists, which is then used to persuade competition authorities to approve the M&A transactions.

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