Corporate Governance/Shareholders Meeting

After the introduction of the Corporate Governance Code, best practices in corporate governance for publicly-traded companies have been rapidly changing. We provide comprehensive advice, based on best practices and legal regulations, in the field of corporate governance, including advice for the improvement of corporate governance structures, organizational design, planning of directors' compensation structures, assessment of board of directors' meetings, internal control, corporate governance reports, anti-takeover measures, management of board of directors' meetings, etc.

With respect to the management of shareholders' meetings, to ensure smooth communication with shareholders and investors, and based on recent trends under the Companies Act and shareholders' meetings, we advise clients on how to legitimately and appropriately manage shareholders' meetings, taking into account the role of shareholders' meetings in investor relations. We provide advice on how to write the reference materials for shareholders' meetings and the business reports, conduct training programs for board members and Q&A sessions and rehearsals of shareholders' meetings. We have a wealth of experience and know-how in providing assistance on issues that relate to shareholders' meetings for large listed companies, as well as for small and startup companies.

In addition, with regard to various important issues confronting companies, for example, what the necessary duty of care is when a board member makes business judgments, or what process needs to be taken to arrive at a legitimate business judgment, we can provide appropriate advice based on practical business knowledge and prepare high-quality legal opinions as necessary, using as basis past legal precedents and trends in academic theories.

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