Tax Litigation

We provide highly specialized legal services on complex tax disputes, making use of our abundant expertise and experience in handling cases involving a broad range of areas of law for clients in various business fields here and abroad.

We have handled a large number of tax cases, not only those involving domestic transactions, but also those involving cross-border transactions, which tend to have more complicated taxation schemes and issues. In addition to the litigation stage, we provide various forms of legal assistance during the administrative appeal stage (such as the request for an administrative review), always striving to provide strategic assistance to the client in light of the entire procedure.

In addition, the growing number of complicated and large-scale tax disputes calls for more precise legal advice and services in responding to governmental inquiries or actions. Consequently, more cases require a careful analysis from the legal perspective of the circumstances from the investigation stage. Our firm focuses on not only representation in the litigation stage, but also legal assistance in the investigation stage before any litigation. We can provide legal support and advice to help anticipate or prevent possible tax disputes in the future.

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