Middle East

Despite being a region where conflicts still exist, the economic development of the Middle East is remarkable, and not only is it a source of supply of energy for Japan and other countries, it is also a region with a huge potential in terms of infrastructure export and the consumption market.

In particular, Dubai (U.A.E.) and Turkey, in addition to being located in between Europe, Africa and Asia, are attracting attention as hubs for trading and distribution, finance and regional headquarters.

Our firm is actively taking steps to gather information about the laws and legal systems of this region by, among others, seconding our members to local law firms in Dubai and Turkey. With such knowledge and in collaboration with local law firms, our firm supports Japanese companies that have business operations in the Middle East by providing them appropriate legal advice. Our legal services in this field of practice extends from drafting, negotiating and reviewing contracts for Japanese companies for their transactions with Middle Eastern counterparties to assisting them in the expansion of their businesses into such region (in the form of investments and joint ventures) as well as representation in dispute resolution matters arising from their business activities in the Middle East.

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