Corporate Litigations, Disputes and D&O Liabilities

We have handled a number of corporate disputes through specialists in the corporate disputes resolution team. We have considerable experience in all areas of corporate disputes, shareholder derivate suits and other directors' liabilities cases, including cases concerning hostile takeover/defensive actions (such as the Nireco Case, Livedoor Case, and Rakuten/TBS Case), share purchase options, appraisal rights, shareholder derivate lawsuits, injunctions or invalidation actions against M&A activities. In our firm, corporate specialists and litigation specialists team up to handle the foregoing cases since most of cases are fatal to the clients and require urgent actions for preliminary injunction process.

We support the day-to-day businesses of our clients by providing legal opinions and advice to avoid directors' liabilities litigations, continuously watching the developments in shareholder derivative lawsuits and court precedents on a daily basis.

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