Fund/Investment Management

Our firm provides specialized legal services to our clients including Japanese and foreign securities companies, investment trust companies, investment advisors, investment funds, etc., concerning investment trust funds formed for public and private placements, limited partnerships, silent partnerships, unit trusts, funds of funds, and other investment funds in various forms.

Apart from the essential services in the area of investment management such as providing legal advice, documentation, representing parties in contractual negotiations in the course of forming, soliciting and operating funds, supporting filings with, registrations at, and obtaining permissions from authorities, and providing advice concerning compliance with the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, the Investment Trust Act and other laws and ordinances, we also provide comprehensive legal services concerning multiple other legal issues (e.g., those relating to the Companies Act, mergers and acquisitions, legal/voluntary liquidation, competition laws, litigation, etc.) that may arise concerning investees and joint investors after the conclusion of an investment.

We also provide legal services for our client investors such as insurance companies, pension funds or industrial corporations thinking of fund investments as a part of their collaborative strategies. Such services include advising, reviewing contracts, handling contractual negotiations, etc., in relation to their investments in funds.

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