Australia is well known as being a resource-rich country, but in recent years, investment from Japan has poured into Australia across all fields, including consumer goods, finance, real estate/construction, infrastructure, manufacturing, the service industry and technology. Underlying this recent increase are the various favorable conditions for investment in Australia, such as the growing population (about 25 million people as of 2018, but projected to grow about 1.5% every year and double to about 40 million people by 2050), a stable economy (before the COVID-19 pandemic, there were no recessions for about 30 years, which set the longest record in the world), and the stability of the legal and economic system, etc. Australia has a Western culture, but its population is composed of diverse races, so it is said that it plays a key role as a test market when considering business expansion to other countries around the world.

 Our firm has attorneys who have worked at a local law firm in Australia and have experience in legally supporting the investment of Japanese companies and the business operations of Japanese subsidiaries in Australia. Therefore, we can handle many cases related to Australia in collaboration with the best local law firms suited to the scale of the case and the needs of the client.

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