Employment Consulting

Personnel and labor management matters are integral and essential managerial components of the business activities of any company.

As the foundation of labor-management relationships slowly shifts to "contracts" rather than "customary practices" accompanied by a deepening awareness of labor rights, labor-related legal matters are evolving alongside the frequent enactments and revisions of laws and administrative interpretations.

We have been seeing various developments concerning labor matters in recent years such as the enhancement of health management at the workplace, diversification of employment patterns, changes in the work environment associated with the declining birthrate and aging society, and the promotion of a work-life balance. In addition, as to reforms of work styles, there have been efforts to reduce long work hours, review dismissal regulations, and implement diverse and flexible work styles.

Therefore, now more than ever, it is essential to adopt labor and employment policies that take into account a wide range of labor-related elements, and companies need to take practical and legal steps to respond to these recent trends.

We handle all kinds of consultations relating to personnel and labor management constantly analyzing the latest changes and trends in labor and the regulatory framework on a regular basis. We can also provide advice and documentation in English for foreign clients.

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