Venture Capital and Venture Finance

We provide venture capitalists and venture capital funds that make or hold investments in venture businesses with various legal services.

We can provide extensive support including advising on the scheme of the investment vehicle as a venture capital fund such as a limited partnership for investments , partnership under the Civil Code of Japan, or an offshore limited partnership, drafting relevant agreements and negotiation with investors. We can also give advice about registrations or notifications relating to the solicitation and management of funds, and responses to legal regulations, inspections or investigations by governmental authorities.

In the stage of investment in a venture business, we can also provide various support such as planning the investment scheme using common stock, preferred stock, convertible bonds, etc., conducting due diligence on the target businesses, drafting and negotiating investment agreements, shareholders' agreements and other agreements.

In addition, we can provide legal support for the target venture businesses such as drafting of agreements, improvement of the company structure, and hands-on monitoring by being appointed as officers/directors thereof. We can also deal with legal issues unique to the management of a venture business such as designing incentive plans including stock options, advising and assisting in initial public offerings (IPOs) or other exit strategies through M&A deals, etc.

We are also proud of our strength in the field of dispute resolution. Even if any dispute arises with investors or target companies, clients can trust us to handle the dispute resolution process, and the lawyer in charge at that time will continue to support the client throughout the whole process.

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