Venture and Startup Support

Managers of startup companies need to take on a number of things, such as negotiating contracts with candidate investors and business partners, improving the company's management system, while concurrently working on business development, aspiring for an exit through an initial public offering (IPO), etc. Startup companies confront various challenges at every stage and, in particular, technology-related companies including university-launched startup companies will expectedly face quite a few unknown legal issues. Along with the protection of the company's important rights including intellectual property rights, it is essential for startups to obtain permits and authorizations and develop their businesses while continually examining the legality of their business models.

It is not easy to accurately consider legal issues within a limited amount of time. Our firm therefore provides assistance to startup management teams from the startups' establishment, during their fund-raising and up until their EXIT, with the frame of mind of "creating business together" with the startups' management teams.

Our firm's lawyers have extensive knowledge and experience in providing cutting-edge services such as the development of business models, alliances with large corporations and universities, incentive programs including stock options, acquisitions of related companies and preparation for IPOs and M&As. We also provide cutting-edge advice on various regulatory laws that may relate to startup businesses including medical law, information technology related laws and competition law.

Furthermore, our firm has the advantage of having lawyers who were previously seconded to government offices and are able to assist clients in negotiating with government officials in order to advance the legitimacy of the clients' business models and eliminate grey legal areas.

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