Private Equity

We advise private equity fund clients both domestically and abroad. We provide legal services while taking the utmost care in handling key issues and needs specific to private equity funds, whether locally or internationally, based on our extensive experience and wide range of accomplishments in advising on legal regulations that apply to the formation and management of funds. We provide legal services in both the execution of investments by funds and in the exit therefrom (investment recovery).

In particular, with respect to the execution of investments by funds, in the area of M&A such as acquisition of equity shares, we assist in developing strategies concerning acquisition structures, etc., conducting due diligence, raising funds for the acquisition, drafting and negotiating various contracts including share transfer agreements, management agreements, loan agreements and collateral or pledge agreements, as well as the completion of the closing. In addition, we actively participate in dispute settlements for the target companies, which may arise after the investment by the funds, and offer legal advice on any further M&A that may be made by the target companies for the purpose of further enhancing their corporate value.(see, "M&A, Reorganization, and Business Alliance" "Acquisition Finance")

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