The Philippines has a long history of trading with Japan. It has a friendly and liberal environment for foreign investments. Foreign companies can own up to 100% of companies engaged in businesses not included in the negative list. As of January 2014, more than 300 special economic zones have been established throughout the country, all offering various tax and fiscal incentives.

With well maintained IT and communication facilities, the Philippines offers an ideal place for international marketing, communication and regional management. English is one of the official languages of the country, which enables easy communication with a wide range of workers who are friendly, skilled and hardworking. Investments in real estate, shipbuilding, renewable energy and tourism are becoming popular as well as business process outsourcing and the food industry. Recently, public-private partnership projects are also being encouraged in various parts of the country to help build roads, dams, ports, airports, etc.

About 1,700 Japanese companies are now operating in the Philippines. The Japan-Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement helps promote the flow of goods, human resources, services and capital between Japan and the Philippines.


Our firm has a Filipino lawyer registered in Japan, and thus, we are able to offer advice and services concerning Philippine laws and investments. We also have close links with reputable local law firms in the Philippines, and thus, we can handle cases jointly with these law firms. We have done due diligence, contract negotiations and contract drafting for our clients in important large-scale M&A cases and development projects in the Philippines. We have also assisted our clients in preparing various technical or consultancy services agreements and other licensing arrangements. We can provide a broad range of legal services concerning foreign investment, public-private partnership projects, intellectual property management, franchising, corporate governance and dispute settlement as well as family affairs and inheritance law-related matters.

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