License and Franchise

License agreements cover various matters, including patents, utility models, design rights, trademarks, copyrights, publicity rights and know-how. Since the founding of our firm, we have worked on numerous domestic and international license agreements, including the drafting and negotiation thereof, and resolution of disputes arising therefrom.

In franchisee agreements, various elements are organically integrated such as the purchase of goods or materials, licensing of trademarks and know-how, and management consultations provided by the franchisor. These matters relate to the Civil Code, the Commercial Code, the Trademark Act, the Unfair Competition Prevention Act, the Anti-trust Act and the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions.

We have advised well-known franchisors in many projects, and have extensive experience in drafting and reviewing legal documents on franchise and supply agreements, and providing advice on the franchising business. Our firm also has expertise in dispute resolution relating to franchise agreements, including disputes on the management consultations provided by the franchisor to the franchisee, and the termination of franchise agreements.

We have achieved considerable success in the handling of license agreements in M&A transactions and in other corporate transactions. These license agreements comprise domestic as well as cross-border matters. Our firm is capable of providing legal support to our clients in the execution of contracts or resolution of disputes, according to their needs, both domestically and abroad, through our extensive network of law firms all over the world.

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