Capital Markets

The financial market of Japan is rapidly evolving in response to global trends in market and securities regulations and practices. Funds can be raised through, among others, public and private placements of stocks, corporate bonds or investment trusts in Japanese and foreign capital markets. Market regulations are becoming stricter and more complex.

Our firm provides a wide range of legal services to various market players such as the issuing enterprises, underwriting companies, investors, etc., including legal advice concerning structuring of investments and various regulations including those under the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act ("FIEA"), negotiation, preparation and review of contracts, preparation and registration of disclosure documents including securities registration statements, etc. We also support initial public offerings by Japanese and foreign companies on securities exchanges here in Japan or abroad.

In addition, we advise our clients such as listed companies and institutional investors about various legal issues concerning capital markets such as disclosure and reporting requirements (e.g., continuous disclosure, large shareholding reporting, etc.), investor relations activities, capital policy and capital efficiency including share buybacks, insider trading regulations, M&A transactions, tender offers, compliance with the FIEA, the Company Act, etc.

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