Japanese companies have been doing business in Europe for a very long time. Nevertheless, we believe that the importance of complying with European laws will continue to grow especially in the areas of European Union (EU) trade-related laws, restrictions on corporate acquisitions, employment, and antitrust restrictions on agreements[, including simple distributorship agreements].

EU law has the distinct character of reflecting the needs of an integrated European market as well as the demands of society. Thus, the restrictions under EU law are generally stricter than those existing under the laws of Japan or the United States. We have lawyers who have studied and worked in Europe. We have also advised many of our clients concerning commercial and M&A transactions in Europe. Having dealt with various EU issues over the years, we can advise and support clients with respect to not only EU competition law, which is most often an issue, but also areas such as environmental law, and personal information and data protection laws, taking into account the practice and approach of the European Commission, European lawyers and companies.

As the market of corporate acquisitions continues to mature in Europe, even relatively small-sized company acquisitions, in addition to large cases, are becoming popular. Through alliances with global law firms as well as leading local firms, we have built a legal service system that enables us to provide proper and effective legal advice and services for our clients involved in M&A deals in accordance with the nature and scale of their business, and other relevant factors.

Having handled a variety of litigation and arbitration matters in Europe for our clients, we can also provide dispute resolution services in close coordination with reliable local firms.

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