Intellectual Property Dispute Resolution

Our firm has a practice group that specializes in domestic and international intellectual property dispute resolution. For domestic intellectual property disputes, various types of proceedings, such as infringement lawsuits, trials before the Japan Patent Office, litigation rescinding trial decisions, and injunctions on importations at customs, may occur. Our practice group has several intellectual property lawyers with significant practical experience in all of the foregoing procedures, capable of organizing appropriate teams according to the scale and complexity of a case, and able to provide high quality legal services. We have handled cases in various industrial fields, including electronic devices, semiconductor, IT, energy, environment, pharmacy, life science, healthcare, and consumable goods. Our firm also has extensive experience not only in handling large-scale disputes, but medium- and small- scale disputes as well.

In addition to our accomplishments in infringement lawsuits, we have also achieved considerable success in handling disputes on inventions developed by employees, disputes over who the inventor is, and litigation relating to extensions in the duration of the registration of pharmaceutical products, litigation or arbitration arising from license agreements, and litigation under unfair competition prevention laws.

For international intellectual property disputes, we provide comprehensive legal support to companies involved in various cases, such as patent lawsuits that are simultaneously filed overseas (including in the United States and Europe) as well as intellectual property enforcement actions (litigation/administrative enforcement), and trademark invalidation litigation in Asia. In handling cross-border disputes over intellectual property, which occur in global business developments by companies, we assist in resolving such disputes effectively and strategically, making use of our strong network of law firms all over the world.

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