Digital Law

There is no doubt that modern business and digital technologies are inseparable, and business activities make use of digital technologies as a matter of course. Digitalization is underway in a wide range of areas, not only in relation to personal data, privacy, and information security, but also in e-commerce, competition, intellectual property, and the like. This movement is gaining strength every day.

It was some time ago when the term "digital transformation (DX)" began being used. In Japan, the Digital Agency, whose role is to act as the control center for building a digital society, has been actively implementing its policies. In Europe, there are laws called the Digital Services Act package comprising of the Digital Services Act and the Digital Markets Act. Nowadays, the titles of laws and regulations include the word "digital."

There are numerous topics and new rules relating to digital technologies like those mentioned above. Therefore, we are now required to take appropriate actions according to the nature of a business and the relevant geographical areas. Our firm can provide legal advice that is both necessary and flexible concerning the digitalization of a variety of businesses, from the IT industry to manufacturing, in cooperation with various experts in Japan and overseas.

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