White Collar Crime

Criminal cases involving corporations, and their respective interested parties, are a nightmare that instantly deprives corporations of their tradition and the credibility they have built for many years. In particular, high-profile interested parties who commit crimes may critically damage their relevant corporations, which have significant social responsibilities. It is therefore imperative to prevent crimes from occurring in the whole corporation and avoid mistakes in initial responses that may lead to critical situations.

Lawyers in our firm with abundant relevant experience are able to provide corporations and individuals with legal advice, training and education, not only on criminal investigations and litigation, but also in preparing responses to the press and relevant governmental agencies, in the areas of bribery, insider trading, antitrust, various business regulations, aggravated breach of trust and so forth. We are also capable of providing Japanese corporations and their employees, who have been or are being charged abroad, with prompt and appropriate advice with the assistance of local counsel.

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