Cambodia and Laos

Cambodia has recently been drawing attention from Japanese companies as a "Thailand-Plus-One" business expansion destination in light of its stable politics, low labor costs, fantastic geographical condition of being located around the central part of the Mekong River, convenience of the dollar-denominated economy, and so on. In addition, Cambodia has actively taken preferential measures in regard to foreign capital, and except for the restrictions on the purchase of real estate, foreign investment is not restricted in any field of business. Also, the projects that are certified as a qualified investment project (QIP) are entitled to receive preferential treatment of either the exemption of up to nine years from corporate tax or special depreciation. Due to favorable conditions, the number of Japanese companies that have expanded their business into Cambodia has almost tripled since 2010, and is expected to grow even further.
As for Laos, regardless of its small population (a little less than 6.8 million as of 2013) and it being ranked as the lowest in the total amount of nominal GDP among ASEAN countries, the country has recently been receiving attention as a potential "Thailand-Plus-One" business expansion destination due to reasons such as low labor costs, stable electricity supply and preferential treatment in regard to foreign capital, as is the case with Cambodia.


We are experienced in various cases, chiefly in Cambodia, such as M&A, establishment of local offices and subsidiaries, drafting of office regulations and employment contracts as well as other consultation on labor laws, consultation on Land Law and the Law on Banking and Financial Institutions, and research on various laws and regulations. One of our lawyers is currently seconded to a local law firm, and we are able to assist our clients in a variety of legal issues in Cambodia and Laos, including business expansion and investment activities therein of Japanese companies.

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