Trade Regulations/Rule of Origin

In exporting products, rendering services and investing overseas, governmental actions and regulations may become "barriers" for companies engaging in these activities. International trade law, particularly the World Trade Organization (WTO) and free trade agreements or economic partnership agreements, provides for rules dealing with such barriers, and companies may take advantage thereof by effectively approaching the governmental agencies to mitigate such barriers that may have an impact on their business or future strategy.

Moreover, investment agreements provide for rules to promote and protect foreign investment activities such as, notably, fair and equitable treatment of foreign investors. Japan has signed many of these agreements and is actively engaging in trade negotiations to further expand the coverage thereof.

Oh-Ebashi has extensive experience in supporting companies that export products/services to Japan or engage in investment activities in Japan. We have counsels who have substantial experience working in the Government of Japan in connection with trade negotiations, disputes and regulations. We regularly advise clients on the export control regime of Japan. We also work for the Government of Japan in relation to international trade, including WTO dispute settlement matters.

With our strong experience and knowledge in international trade law, we can help clients here and overseas in dealing with regulatory trade barriers and governmental investigations and other actions.

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