The economic relationship between Japan and Taiwan has remained strong over the years. During those years, despite the rather small market of Taiwan, which has a population of approximately 23 million, Japan has continued not only merchandise trade with Taiwan but also investment and business expansion into Taiwan by using it as a trial market for the Chinese market, or by positioning Taiwanese companies as business partners in Greater China. Currently, that trend is prominent mainly in the food & beverage, sightseeing and service industries.

With a wealth of experience in Taiwan-related transactions, the lawyers in our Taiwan Desk will make every possible effort to support the companies that intend to launch into Taiwan or that have already entered Taiwan but are encountering difficulties.


Our firm has been involved in a large number of cases and has rendered legal services including the acquisition of a Taiwanese company, establishment of local subsidiaries, documentation of various kinds of contracts for joint venture in Taiwan, documentation of agreements with Taiwanese companies such as business transaction agreements, license agreements, as well as negotiation of a business collaboration with a major Taiwanese company, and acquisition of a Japanese company by a major Taiwanese company.

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