Environmental Law

Current environmental issues such as global warming and climate change are becoming more serious. Our society and companies must therefore take effective measures immediately. Once Japan concludes the Paris Agreement that was adopted at the COP21, activities toward the decarbonization of society will be accelerated domestically and abroad. Also, many of the environmental regulations that were established to protect the natural environment and to create a recyclable society are becoming more elaborate every year. Furthermore, the scale of environmental businesses and the industry in Japan as well as overseas is expanding year by year.

In light of the above developments, it is impossible to ignore the influence and impact of environmental laws and ordinances, which are administrative regulations, on the legal relationship between companies under private law. For example, even in an M&A case, environmental risks should always be carefully taken into consideration.

In our firm, various environmental legal matters have been handled by attorneys who are highly experienced in, for example, advising companies on environmental compliance and monitoring programs, compliance with environmental laws in infrastructure projects, and countermeasures concerning soil and groundwater contamination, waste and asbestos.

We also provide clients with a broad range of legal consultation and representation services, not only with respect to lawsuits, responses to the Environmental Dispute Coordination Commission, drafting of contracts, and legal advice and opinions on environmental laws, but also in respect of responses to governmental authorities, residents, the mass media, other stakeholders or the public in general.

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