Environmental Law

Environmental issues, such as global warming and climate change, are becoming more serious, and Japanese society and businesses are being required to take immediate action against them. In particular, since the Paris Agreement took effect, activities toward the low-carbonization or decarbonization of society have been accelerated domestically and abroad. Various environmental regulations that were established for environmental conservation and the formation of a recycling-oriented society are also becoming more elaborate every year. In addition, the market size of environmental businesses and industries, such as renewable energy projects and carbon credits, is expanding every year, both domestically and abroad.

In the midst of these developments, not only environmental laws and regulations but also the risks and opportunities related to the environment surrounding companies have changed drastically, and even M&A transactions and real estate transactions now require measures based on the latest knowledge of the environment at all times.

Our firm has long been involved in the handling of a variety of environmental legal matters, such as advising companies on their environmental compliance programs, assisting with compliance with environmental laws in infrastructure projects, and dealing with issues of soil, air and groundwater contamination, waste and asbestos. We also have extensive experience in providing a broad range of legal consultation and representation services, such as representation in environmental lawsuits, responses to the Environmental Dispute Coordination Commission and other authorities, and responses to residents and mass media, as well as providing support for renewable energy projects, corporate PPAs, and other decarbonization initiatives.

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