Distressed M&A/DIP Finance

Our firm has dealt with a number of restructuring cases involving both statutory proceedings and Out-of-court Restructurings where support by sponsors and DIP (Debtor-In-Possession) financing are necessary to restructure debtor companies. Through these cases, our firm has accumulated substantial experience and know-how on restructuring schemes and terms and conditions for DIP financing. Our team, which consists of lawyers who are experts in M&A and finance practice, as well as in restructuring, provides professional support to clients in various capacities, including debtors, sponsor candidates and DIP lenders.

Our Newsletter related to this practice area
 (1)M&A in the Framework of Statutory Insolvency Procedures
 (2)Establishment of Provisions for Pre-DIP Financing and Protection of Commercial Claims in the Rehabilitation Support Procedures under the Small and Medium Enterprises Turnaround Support Committee Scheme

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