Protection of Personal Information

 Personal information has been an important resource for corporate management. With the development of various technologies such as AI and IoT (internet of things), it has become more important for many companies to use personal information efficiently to develop further business opportunities. Because of its importance, various laws and rules on the protection or utilization of personal information are being established one after the other - and constantly being amended - in various countries including Japan. For the utilization of personal information, as a matter of course, it is necessary to ensure compliance with various legal systems and not infringe on the privacy of individuals. Furthermore, it is also necessary to duly consider the possibility that the use of personal information may cause its subjects anxiety or unpleasant feelings.

 Lawyers in our firm experienced in domestic and overseas issues with respect to the handling of personal information provide practical advice, based on the actual circumstances in the relevant field, such as IT, healthcare, or life sciences, and assist clients in expressing ideas to utilize personal information created through the development of new technology. Our firm also provides legal support for various problems that may arise in the course of the actual use of personal information, such as leakages of personal information or infringement of privacy, forming a team of lawyers experienced in dealing with such problems.

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