Makoto Miyazaki

Professional Admission

Japan (1969)

Practice Areas

Civil Law, Bankruptcy, Taxation, Real Estate, Insurance


Kyoto University (LL.B., 1967)


- 1969 Nakajima Kuniaki Law Office
- 1974 Established Miyazaki Makoto Law Office
- 1981 Founded Ishikawa, Tsukamoto and Miyazaki Law Office (current Oh-Ebashi LPC & Partners)


- President, Japan Legal Support Center (April 2014- present)
- Advisor, Advisory Council on Reform of the Legal Profession Nurturing System, the Cabinet Secretariat (September 2013-March 2014)
- Member, Special Committee on the Criminal Justice System of New Era, Legislative Council of the Ministry of Justice (2011- 2013)
- Member, Prosecution Review Council of the Ministry of Justice (2010-2011)
- President, Japan Federation of Bar Associations (2008-2010)
- Vice-President, Japan Federation of Bar Associations (2004-2005)
- President, Osaka Bar Association (2004-2005)
- Chief Editor of “Liberty and Justice” (Journal of the Japan Federation of Bar Associations) (1999-2000)
- Member, Council of Three Elements in Legal Profession (Hoso Sansha Kyogi-kai), Japan Federation of Bar Associations (1997-1999)
- Vice-President, Osaka Bar Association (1992-1993)


“Hoping for Improved Access to Judicial Procedures”
“Economy and Society, and the Role of Law,” a Festschrift to commemorate the seventieth birthday of Tadashi Ishikawa
Shoji Homu (August 2013)

“Review on the Proposal presented by the Prosecution Review Council and Issues concerning the Legislative Council Special Committee”
Liberty and Justice, Vol. 62, No. 10 (September 2011)

“Issues concerning Saiban-in (lay judge) Trial and Law Schools”
Gakushi-kai Newsletter, No. 880 (January 2010)

“Popularization of DIP Finance”
Ginko Homu 21, No. 594 (September 2001)

“Practices of International Insolvency Case: Mita Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha
Kinyu/Shoji Hanrei, Extra edition (March 2001)

“Theory and Practice with respect to New Corporate Reorganization Act, as well as relevant Forms, for Practices of Receiver in Bankruptcy” (Co-edited by Makoto Miyazaki)
Minjiho Kenkyu-kai (March 2004)

“Encyclopedia of Practices under Insolvency Law”
Kinzai (February 1999)

“Basic Knowledge concerning Insolvency and Composition (wagi)” (Co-authored)
Seirin Shoin (1997)

“Composition (wagi)” in Tokyo and Osaka in the series of study on insolvency practices (Co-authored)
Shoji Homu Kenkyu-kai (September 1989)


Osaka Bar Association, Japan Federation of Bar Associations


Japanese and English