Recently, the energy industry is becoming one of the most dynamic industries in Japan. Along with a series of significant amendments to the relevant energy laws including those concerning the deregulation of the electric and gas businesses, conventional energy suppliers and new players, local and foreign, are, by competing with each other, driving the diversification of the industry.

Due to the difficulty in resuming the operation of suspended nuclear power plants after the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, a variety of businesses have been newly established to secure and provide power sources that are alternative to nuclear power. Taking advantage of the deregulation in the energy market, many new business operators have started to participate therein, and alliances between companies and business restructurings are increasing.

Energy and its related industries concern a wide spectrum of laws ranging from administrative laws and economic laws to the Civil Code and the Commercial Code. We have been working on every kind of legal issue concerning energy, including the solutions thereto, in light of the drastically changing circumstances concerning the energy business.

Our firm serves a number of leading firms in the energy industry, and has also been actively involved in multiple cases concerning compliance with laws including various business regulations, domestic and foreign energy-related transactions, and business restructurings in the energy industry. In addition, we have abundant experience relating to the deregulation in the energy market. As the best legal partner to each of a number of clients who lead energy industry, we will continue to contribute to them.

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