Following the amendment to the Private Finance Initiative (PFI) Act in 2010, an increased number of Japanese infrastructure businesses have been commissioned to private companies (the right-to-operate-public-facility system or concession method). Consequently, airports, toll roads, ports, water utilities and other public facilities have been built, improved and operated by private companies.

Overseas infrastructure business is also rapidly growing and changing. Japanese companies are entering this business and sharing their expertise all over the world, including emerging countries in Asia. The Government of Japan is also encouraging the export of advanced infra technology of Japanese companies.

Project financing has also greatly benefitted large-scale private infrastructure projects in Japan and abroad.

We have been providing legal support to many companies engaged in domestic and overseas infrastructure businesses (including public-private partnerships), business acquisitions (M&A), and business alliances or partnerships to facilitate foreign investments in Japan and the export of Japanese infra technology overseas.

Cases we have handled include: the New Kansai International Airport; Universal Studios Japan project; a water treatment plant in Malaysia; a railway construction in Hanoi, Vietnam; improvement of research facilities of national universities; improvement of port and harbor facilities; export of the Japanese Shinkansen technology; the Osaka Soto-Kanjo Railway; and nuclear, thermal and hydraulic power plants as well as solar and wind farms (inside and outside Japan).

We are also experienced in resolving domestic and overseas infrastructure-related disputes, including litigation and arbitration.

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