Partner Ko Matsui

Daiichi Tokyo Bar Association, Japan Federation of Bar Associations (1995)
New York State Bar Association (2005)

Location : Tokyo Office

Professional Summary

Ko Matsui is a partner at Oh-Ebashi LPC & Partners with a broad experience in handling foreign direct investments and resolving cross-border disputes. He has assisted in the establishment of various cross-border joint ventures and business alliances in Japan and other Asian countries, especially in China. He is an expert on cross-border transactions for the restructuring and rehabilitation of distressed companies. He has a deep understanding of the legal systems, laws and regulations relevant to foreign direct investments, restructuring, as well as trade and dispute resolution between Japan and China. He also has a wealth of experience in handling issues concerning the healthcare/life science industry, including internal investigations with respect to compliance with regulations and ethical codes.

Major Cases Handled

Elpida Memory, Inc., Corporate Reorganization Proceedings (Deputy Trustee)

Education & Professional Experience

Duke University School of Law (LL.M.)

Keio University (LL.B.)

Publications Archives

Response to the Risk of Misconduct in Business in China (5) - Changes in the Business Environment in China and Efforts to Maintain Business Health
Response to the Risk of Misconduct in Business in China(4) - Effect of Cross-border Data Regulations of China: Handling of Personal Information or the like in Internal Investigations
Response to the Risk of Misconduct in Business in China(3) - Establishment of an Internal Control System and Allocation of Management Resources in a Chinese Subsidiary
Response to the Risk of Misconduct in Business in China(2) - Facilitating Information Sharing with Chinese Subsidiaries
Response to the Risk of Misconduct in Business in China – Focusing on the Response to Signs of Misconduct
Web Commentary on TPP "2.4 National Treatment and Market Access for Goods (Agriculture)"
Actual Circumstances of Workouts in Foreign Countries (Series 4) - Practice on Out-of-Court Arrangements for Liquidation in the Philippines
Q & A for Regional Financial Institutions on How to Respond to Legal Issues of SME (7) Overseas Business Expansion and Transactions
Introduction of Judgments of the Supreme People's Court of China on Licensor's Warranty under License/Technical Agreements
Q&A on Practice of Listing in Asian Stock Markets
The Story of Elpida, Chapter 6: Issues concerning the Handling of Overseas Matters in the Elpida Case
The Story of Elpida, Chapter 3: Issues concerning Intellectual Property Rights of Elpida Memory
Textbook on Chinese Legal Practice – From Entry to Withdrawal
Manual of Measures against Counterfeiting and Piracy in China
Restructuring and Withdrawal Practices for Foreign-Invested Enterprises in China (4)

Seminars/Lectures Archives

Important Issues in Business Legal Affairs in View of Latest Developments - Overview of Chinese Legal System: Characteristics and Compliance therewith by Non-Chinese Companies which Expanded their Business into China - In Reference to the US's Technology-
Present and Future of "Technology" Transfer to China - With Reference to US Policy Concerning China and Technology -
Current and Future Technology Transactions with China
Overseas Subsidiaries and Internal Control
Special Commemorative Seminar to Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Retrocession of Hong Kong - Practical Points in Using Hong Kong as a Business Hub (Osaka)
Special Commemorative Seminar to Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Retrocession of Hong Kong - Practical Points in Using Hong Kong as a Business Hub (Tokyo)
Method to Support Small-to-Medium Companies Involved in Transactions with China: From an Attorney's Perspective
Practices in China concerning the Collection of Claims, Reorganization and Withdrawal of a Business
Practices in Restructuring and Withdrawal of Overseas Businesses - Case Studies on Businesses in China, Korea and India
Seminar on the Collection of Claims and the International Commercial Arbitration: Collection of Claims from Chinese Companies and the Use of Arbitration Proceedings - Arbitration Proceedings from the Perspective of an Arbitration Body Official
Compliance of Business of Foreign Invented Enterprises in China
Issues accompanying the Localization of Management of Japanese Companies in China - with a focus on businesses targeting the Chinese market and the risks associated with this deepening localization -
Withdrawal and Reorganization of Businesses in China
Latest Information of Laws and Regulations on Foreign Direct Investment in China
Resolution of Conflicts between Japanese and Chinese Companies through International Commercial Arbitration


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