Latest Seminars

【Online Seminar】Court Cases on Core System and Software Development
【Free Online Seminar for a Limited Audience】Legal Seminar for Foreign Companies, Series 1:Considerations on Voluntary Retirement and Unilateral Termination
【Online Seminar】International Legal Practice Seminar (10):The Basics and Practice of Arbitration
NYSBA CLE PROGRAM - Breaking Down The Barriers To LGBTQ Equality: Love And Let Love
【Online Seminar】[Act on the Protection of Personal Information as Revised in 2020] Reviewing from the Basics of Privacy Policies 
【Online Seminar】Understanding Cashless Legislation in Preparation for the Lifting of the Ban on Digital Payment of Salaries.
2021.06.15 ~2021.06.19
IPBA VIRTUAL CONFERENCE - Innovative Resilience in an Altered Legal Landscape
【Online Seminar】International Legal Practice Seminar (9): Fundamentals and Practice of Cross-border M&A
2021.05.13 ~2021.07.02
【Online Seminar: Video Streaming】Review in 30 Minutes! Labor Law Series: 7 Questions on Telecommuting - Follow-up on Basic Matters Concerning Telecommuting (Working from Home)
2021.06.07 ~2021.07.30
【Online Seminar: Video Streaming】Review in 30 Minutes! Labor Law Series: To What Extent Can Employers Step into Employees' Private Sphere? - Limit of Corporate Discipline
Symposium "How Did and Will the Judiciary Overcome the Covid-19 Crisis?" - The role of IT in the civil judicial system during emergencies -
International Dispute Resolution Seminar, Practical Course: "Practical Usage of International Arbitration - Strategy, Tactics and Points to Note Based on Actual Arbitration Cases"
【Online Seminar】International Legal Practice Seminar (8): International Civil Litigation - Featuring Civil Litigation Procedures in the U.S
Practice of International Arbitration - Strategy and key issues
【Online Seminar】Points to Note in Contracting with Overseas Bio Ventures
2021.05.27 ~2021.07.16
【Online Seminar: Video Streaming】Review in 30 Minutes! Labor Law Series: Legal Risks Relating to Use of Freelancers from a Labor Law Perspective
【Online Seminar】International Legal Practice Seminar (7): Handling of Issues Relating to the Personal Information Protection Legislation in Japan and Overseas - Featuring Preparation of a Privacy Policy Applicable in Multiple Countries
【Online Seminar】Claims for Increase/Decrease of Rent - Points in Negotiation and Litigation
【Online Seminar】Commentary on Latest Court Decisions Helpful for Business Transactions and Legal Affairs of Companies (Civil Law Cases)
2021.04.19 ~2021.05.28
【Online Seminar: Video Streaming】Review in 30 Minutes! Labor Law Series: When Considering Secondment of Employees during the Novel Coronavirus Pandemic - Q&A on Secondment and the New Subsidy for Secondment

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