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[Online Seminar (live streaming)] Third Osaka Symposium by the CPRC of the JFTC : "Business Cooperation: How Can We Realize Innovation that Changes the Society? - Research & Development, Cross-Industry Data Collaboration, and Anti-Monopoly Law"
Characteristics of Limited Partnerships Established Overseas and Points to Note in Reviewing LP Agreements
2020.10.06 ~2020.10.13
【Online Seminar】In-House Community eCongress Japan
【Online Seminar】Legal Work and Practices concerning Limited Partnerships Formed Overseas
【Online Seminar】Explanation of the Financial Services Intermediaries System and its Impact on the Independent Financial Advisor (IFA) Platform- In Light of the Potential Revision to the Principle of Customer Oriented Business Operations
2020.08.19 ~2020.09.30
[Online Seminar: Video Streaming] Understanding Contracts Practice Under the Revised Laws of Obligation in 45 Minutes
【Online Seminar】Points to Know About the Practice of Third Party Committees
【Online Seminar】 Utilization of External Human Resources and Related Risks - Intersection of Anti-Monopoly Law and Labor Law
2020.07.20 ~2020.08.31
【Online Seminar: Video Streaming】Risk Management & Compliance Seminar ⑧ A Review of the Subcontract Act - Recapping the Risks of Violations of the Subcontract Act and Measures to Prevent Violations -
【Online Seminar】 Key Commentary: The Impact on Construction Projects from the Amendments to the Civil Code and the Construction Business Act - A Review through the Revised "Standard Form of Construction Service Contract" -
2020.06.30 ~2020.08.31
[Online Seminar: Video Streaming] How to Comply with the Amendments to the Consumer Products Recall Act and the Product Quality Random Inspection Act in China
2020.06.29 ~2020.08.31
[Online Seminar: Video Streaming] Understand the Main Points in 30 minutes! The Amendments to the so-called Power Harassment Prevention Act - Impact on Compliance Check Lists and Harassment Investigations -
Legal Work and Practices concerning Limited Partnerships Formed Overseas
2020.05.25 ~2020.05.28
【Online Seminar】Risk Management & Compliance Seminar ⑦ Understand the Main Points in 90 Minutes - Dealing with B2C e-commerce Regulation in Japan and China
Understanding the Key Points in 60 Minutes - Recent Trends on the Anti-Monopoly Law
【Online Seminar】Dealing with Novel Coronavirus Related Matters II: Notes on M&A with a Company under a Civil Rehabilitation Proceeding
【Online Seminar】Dealing with Novel Coronavirus Related Matters I: From Handling Labor Matters to Interpreting Force Majeure Disclaimer Clauses and Dealing with Bankruptcy of Business Partners
【Online Seminar】 Sports Dispute Resolution Explained in 90 Minutes - From Basic to Current CAS Cases-
Annual Shareholder Meeting 2020 - Corona Virus Crisis and Virtual Shareholder Meeting
Characteristics of Limited Partnerships Established in Foreign Countries and Points Thereon to be Checked

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