Our Principles, and Our History

Oh-Ebashi LPC & Partners is a law firm with over 150 attorneys with its main offices in Tokyo and Osaka. It was originally established in Osaka in 1981 by Tadashi Ishikawa, Makoto Miyazaki and Hiroaki Tsukamoto. Its name comes from the name of the historical bridge over Dojima River in Osaka (bashi literally means “bridge”). The three founding partners wished to establish “an excellent law firm” for the people, the society and the changing times. Oh-Ebashi soon became the leading law firm in Osaka. It later opened offices in Shanghai in 1995, Tokyo in 2002 and Nagoya in 2015 to serve the expanding needs of its clients. Our Tokyo and Osaka offices are now equal in size and strength with our lawyers working closely together to serve a broader base of clients in Japan and abroad. Oh-Ebashi has worked with clients for decades and is confident that we can provide them with the best legal advice and solutions. We are committed to exceed clients’ expectations and be their ideal legal partner.

Our Principles

I.Each member develops an expertise
based on strength in a wide range of laws.

Our firm has a principle of having each lawyer develop his or her practice by first gaining experience in a comprehensive range of laws before developing an expertise in specific areas of law. As professionals with their respective specialties developed based on their broad experience in various areas of law, our lawyers can provide clients in different industries the most appropriate solution from a wide perspective that is not limited to a specific area of law.

II.We integrate each individual's expertise to create a synergy
that will provide added value to our clients.

We integrate lawyers with their respective strengths to create a synergy that will provide added value for our clients. The leading lawyers in each of our practice areas will make full use of their expertise in forming effective teams.

III.We are committed to deeply understanding our clients' needs
and contributing to society together.

We value every opportunity to work with our clients and are committed to deeply understanding their needs. We are also committed to doing our work with diligence and integrity at all times. Thus, we provide value to our clients beyond their expectations, and together, we contribute to the development of society.


Change of name to OH-EBASHI LAW OFFICES
Opening of the office in Shanghai, China
Incorporation of OH-EBASHI LPC & PARTNERS
Opening of the office in Tokyo
Opening of the office in Nagoya