Partner Yoshimasa Oe

Osaka Bar Association, Japan Federation of Bar Associations (2002)

Location : Osaka Office

Professional Summary

Yoshimasa Oe has treated many litigations about Civil Law, Corporaion Law and so on.
He has enough experiences about Bankruptcy(including Civil Rehabilitation).

Major Cases Handled

Civil rehabilitation of the following:
-Golf course operator
-Miscellaneous goods retailer
-Manufacturer and seller of drinking water
-Pachinko parlor
-Supermarket and grocery store
-Rice miller and wholesaler
Voluntary liquidation of the following
-Wedding hall operator
-Women’s clothing retailer
-Pachinko parlor
-Importer and exporter of chemicals, etc.
-Real estate leasing company
-IT company
Project finance
Civil actions involving complicated business transactions (fictitious transactions, circular transactions, leasing of large-scale retail stores, system development disputes, handling of corporate misconduct (including large-scale cases involving huge damages), etc.)

Education & Professional Experience

Kyoto University (LL.B.)

Publications Archives

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Seminars/Lectures Archives


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