Partner Motoi Shimadera

Daiichi Tokyo Bar Association, Japan Federation of Bar Associations (2000)
The Japanese Society of Insurance Science
New York State Bar Association (2006)

Location : Tokyo Office

Professional Summary

Mr. Motoi Shimadera has wide range of corporate legal practices, and has many clients in major companies. Especially, he has high expertise on Insurance area to deliver legal advices, and consulting for his clients like major life insurance companies, non-life insurance companies, and mutual aid associations. He has experienced for two years to work at Counselor’s office of Civil Affairs Bureau in Ministry of Justice as a fixed term government officer. Then he was a member of legislation of Insurance Act at that time which can be his superior expertise in a variety of Insurance legal matters including Insurance claim lawsuit, and the alliance between Insurance companies.

Second, he has much experienced restructuring cases; one of the succeeded ones is the cross-bordering restructuring of major semiconductor company recognized as a notable case in Japan. He was a lead attorney of this case to make it succeeded.

Third, he is highly talented in not only above practice areas, but also litigation, and dispute resolution around every industry. In fact, he got many innovative winning cases of international litigation, e-commerce, insurance claim, and some cases related to insolvency law. Therefore, he has got reliable relationship between many clients for a long period.

Finally, He is also active in the academic area; publishing many articles, and books, and presenting his reserch works at academic conferences. He was awarded international insolvency institute Takagi award (The Foundation for Research in Civil Dispute Resolution) for the article titled “Revalidate DIP corporate reorganization.”

Education & Professional Experience

2006 - 2008
The Ministry of Justice, Japan, as a fixed-term officer of the Office of the Deputy Director General, Civil Affairs Bureau for the drafting of the Insurance Act

2005 - 2006
Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP, Los Angeles

Boalt Hall Law School at UC Berkeley (LL.M.)

Kyoto University (LL.B.)


2011 - 2019
Lecturer, Meiji University, Graduate School of Law

2011 - 2017
Lecturer, University of Tsukuba, Graduate School of Business Sciences

Member of The Japanese Society of Insurance Science

Publications Archives

The Revised Civil Code and Practices on Insurance Business
Termination of an Insurance Contract due to a Material Event of Default Caused by a Duplication of Policy Coverage
Review of the “Principle of Indivisibility of Premium” under the Insurance Act
Interpretation Issues Concerning Duty of Disclosure under the Insurance Act
Termination of an Automobile Insurance Contract by the Policyholder’s Creditor
Despite Being Prepared for Management Risks, There May Still be Unexpected Risks! - Pitfalls of ‘Business Insurance’
Practices Unforeseen at the Enactment of the Insurance Act and Issues for the Future - Focusing Mainly on the Issue Concerning One-sided Mandatory Rules
Practices on Directors and Officers (D&O) Liability Insurance
Derivative Actions, and Directors and Officers (D&O) Liability Insurance
Corporate Rehabilitation Clinic (No. 46): “The Reorganization Case of Chotokan (Grand Hotel Hamamatsu) - DIP Corporate Reorganization of a Hotel Business Rooted in the Regional Economy”
Policy Terms of Cooperative Insurance, Are They Good Enough? – Study of Insurance Policy Terms as a ‘Contract,’
Points to Note in Concluding into Insurance Contract for Company Properties or Liability for Damages
On the Third Anniversary of the Enforcement of the Insurance Act
Insured Accident Caused by a Third Party and Discharge of the Insurer’s Liability
[Special Topic] Use of Business Insurance and its Legal Risks / Points to be Checked on Business Insurance Contracts
Benefits and Potential Legal Risks of Business Insurance
Scope of Subrogated Claims under Personal Injury Insurance
Manifestation of Intention to Change Insurance Beneficiary(ies)
The Latest Insurance Circumstances
Examination of the DIP-Type Corporate Reorganization - Spansion Japan (3) Issues on Concurrent Bankruptcy in U.S-Japan
Examination of the DIP-Type Corporate Reorganization - Spansion Japan (1) Corporate Reorganization Proceedings on Spansion Japan
A Consideration on Cancellation Filing by Insured
New Practice of the General (or non-life) Insurance, Commentaries on the General Insurance Investigation Practice under the Insurance Law
Commentaries on Insurance Law -Life Insurance / Fixed Return Accident and Health Insurance
Revised Guidelines for Supervision on the New Insurance Law
Series of Questions & Answers, Questions & Answers on Insurance Law
The Effects of the New Insurance Law on Insurance Sales at Banks
New Insurance Law - the book to read first!
Commentaries on Insurance Law (1)-(5)
Law on Insurance Framing and Drafting Materials - Overview of the New Law, Old and New Chart
Theories, Practices, Formats Concerning the New Corporate Reorganization as a Practitioner of a Trustee
Recent Reform of Japan’s Corporate Reorganization Act(co-authored)

Seminars/Lectures Archives

Points to Consider on Business Insurance by Enterprises - Hidden Pitfalls in Insurance and the Practical Handling of Contract Execution and Insurance Claims
Must-Know Knowledge on "Insurance" for the General Affairs and Legal Team
The Basics of and Practices on General Terms and Conditions - Points to Review in Consideration of the Civil Code Reform -
Potential Effects of the Amendments of the Law of Obligations on Mutual-Aid Practices
The Civil Code Reform and Issues in Concluding Insurance Contracts (Series of 5 Sessions)
The Basics of and Practices on General Terms and Conditions - Points to Review in Consideration of the Civil Code Reform (Law on Obligations) -
The Basics of and Practices on General Terms and Conditions - Points to Review in Consideration of the Civil Code Reform (Law on Obligations) -
Points for Corporations to Consider about Business Insurance - Pitfalls of Insurance and Business Practices concerning the Handling thereof in Concluding Contracts and Claiming for Insurance Money -
Current Status of and Issues concerning Practices that are Different from Those Contemplated at the Time of the Enactment of the Insurance Act - Focusing on the Issue of One-Sided Mandatory Provisions
The Basics of and Business Practices concerning Directors and Officers Liability Insurance (D& O Insurance) - Using Insurance as a Precaution Against Claims Involving Corporate Officers&Liability -
The Basics of and Practices on General Terms and Conditions - Points to Review in View of the Civil Code Reform (Law on Obligations) -
Business Rehabilitation of Local Companies and the Role of Financial Institutions - Based on Business Recovery Cases Using the Prepackaged DIP-style Corporate Reorganization
The Current Situation, which is Different from that Assumed at the Time of Enactment of the Insurance Act, and Recent Regulation Trends - Points in Reviewing Practices concerning Policy Conditions and Payment -
Notes on Business Insurance Contracts - To Avoid Troubles in Claiming Insurance -
Amendment to the Civil Code and Cross-Border Transactions of Our Country - Increasing Foreign Businesses and Role of Insurance Companies -
Does New Insurance Law Work?
Interpretation of Insurance Law (I) to (VI)
Issues and Visions Concerning the New Insurance Law
The Effects of Insurance Law on the Practice of Product Planning and Insurance Agency, and the Preparatory Points for the Enforcement Thereof
Compliance Matters at Banks and Insurance Companies after the Enforcement of the New Insurance Law, mainly regarding the Effects on Sales of Insurance Packages and Collateral Operations
Compliance Matters for Insurance Companies under the Revised Guidelinse for Supervision, Seven Months before the Enforcement of the New Insurance Law
Practical Reminders for the Enforcement of the New Insurance Law, Commentaries on the Significant Matters as a Drafter of the Law


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