Partner Tomohiro Kitano

Osaka Bar Association, Japan Federation of Bar Associations (2003)

Location : Osaka Office

Major Cases Handled

Lehman Brothers Japan Civil Rehabilitation
Reorganization Deputy Trustee, Asyst Technologies Japan K. K.

Other Reorganization and Rehabilitation Cases Handled
 Corporate reorganization of the following:
  -Food-service operator
  -Golf course operator
  -Pachinko parlor
  -Real-estate leasing company
 Civil rehabilitation of the following:
  -Golf course operator
  -Recordable media manufacturer
  -Security camera manufacturer
  -Real estate leasing company
  -General constructor
  -Consumer-electronics retailer
  -Incorporated educational institution
 Administration in bankruptcy of the following:
  -Building Contractor
  -Jewelry wholesaler
  -Kimono (Japanese dress) distributor
 Voluntary liquidation of the following:
  -Bus company
  -Shipbuilding related company/Shipbuilder
  -Food manufacturer/distributor
  -Hotel operator/Hotelier
  -Real estate leasing company
Civil actions involving complicated business transactions (fictitious transactions, circular transactions, etc.)

Education & Professional Experience

Corporate Research Department, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation

Waseda University (LL.B.)

Publications Archives

Guidelines Concerning Business Revitalization, etc. of Small and Medium Enterprises (2) - Out-of-Court Restructuring Proceedings
Establishment of Provisions for Pre-DIP Financing and Protection of Commercial Claims in the Rehabilitation Support Procedures under the Small and Medium Enterprises Turnaround Support Committee Scheme
Various Issues Anticipated in Business Restructuring Cases after the Novel Coronavirus Pandemic
General Description of Business Revitalization ADR Procedures
Recommendation to Use Business Revitalization ADR Procedures
A case in which the Court held that, if a bankruptcy creditor has been partly repaid for its claims by a third-party collateral provider after the commencement of the bankruptcy proceedings, and the amount of distribution calculated on the claim amount that was fixed as of the commencement of the bankruptcy proceedings exceeds the remaining amount of claims under the substantive law, the distribution should be made for such exceeding portion.
Provisions on Points to Consider for Commercial Receivables in ADR Procedures for Business Revitalization – Amendment of the Act on Strengthening Industrial Competitiveness
Commentaries on the Bankruptcy Act (Vol. 1)
Supreme Court’s Judgment dated June 5, 2014 concerning the Right of Separate Satisfaction and Its Implications on such Agreements in the Future
The Supreme Court Decision about the Agreement on the Right of Separate Satisfaction dated June 5, 2014, and Agreements on the Right of Separate Satisfaction in the Future
150 Discussion Topics on the Amendments of the Insolvency Law