Counsel Takashi Koyama

Tokyo Bar Association, Japan Federation of Bar Associations (1999)
New York State Bar Association (2007)
Japan Patent Attorneys Association (2007)

Location : Tokyo Office

Practice Areas

      Education & Professional Experience

      Director of the Intellectual Property Affairs Division, Economic Affairs Bureau, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
      Lead negotiator in the field of Intellectual Property for TPP/CPTPP(TPP11), Japan-EU・EPA, and RCEP negotiations

      Wada & Watanabe (formerly: Abe & Matsutome), Partner (2009-)
      Ohtsuka Patent Office, P.C., Legal Counsel

      Negotiator for Free Trade Agreements (FTAs)/Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) (particularly in the areas of intellectual property, investment and competition policy), Ministry of Foreign Affairs

      Royal Holloway, University of London (MA in Hellenic Studies)

      IPSI (Intellectual Property Summer Institute), NH, U.S.

      Franklin Pierce Center for IP, University of New Hampshire NH, U.S. (formerly : Franklin Pierce Law Center)(LL.M. in Intellectual Property)

      Osaka Honmachi Law Office (formally : Higa Law Office)

      Legal Training and Research Institute, Supreme Court of Japan

      Graduate School of Law, Kobe University (MA in Law)

      Kobe University (BA in Law)


      Outside Director, Holoeyes Inc. (2023 to present)

      Member of the “Study Group on Intellectual Property Management of Agricultural Products to Prevent Leakages Overseas” of the Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Ministry (2022 to present)

      AIPPI (International Association for the Protection of Industrial Property)/ Standing Committee/ "Free Trade Agreements” Committee (2022 to present)

      Conflict of Interest Advisory Board of Kobe University (2022 to present)

      Panelist Candidate for JP Domain Name Disputes Resolution, Japan Intellectual Property Arbitration Center (2021 to present)

      Deputy Secretary General, Japan International Dispute Resolution Center (JIDRC) (2021 to present)

      Part-time lecturer, Kobe University Law school (2017 to present)

      Part-time lecturer, Hitotsubashi University Graduate school of Law (2019, 2021, 2023)

      Part-time lecturer, Kyushu University Graduate School for Law (2018 to 2019)

      Working Group member for the development of teaching materials in English on management strategy exploiting intellectual property, commissioned by the Japan Patent Office (2015 to 2017).

      Project team member regarding “Research for advanced regulations of Electronic Commerce in Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs)”, commissioned by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (October 2014 to February 2015).

      Working Group member for “Research and Study on the International Anti-patent Trend”, AIPPI ・JAPAN (September 2013 to February 2014)

      Deputy Chairman, Working Group regarding “Research and Study on FTA/EPA negotiation strategies of Canada, New Zealand, Columbia and Turkey in the field of Intellectual Property”, commissioned by the the Japan Patent Office (June 2012 to February 2013) .

      Inspector, General Incorporated Association MAM (2012 to present)

      Publications Archives

      Foreign Filling Restrictions of Major Countries -Mechanisms to Restrict Foreign Filing of Sensitive Inventions-
      The Legal 500 Country Comparative Guides - Japan Investing In
      Inventions Made Across Boarders and the Attachment Foreign Filling Restrictions: Conflicts in the Restrictions and How They Are Handled
      [Serial Article/Legal Affairs for Companies Expanding Overseas] [No.5] Security and Business: Conflict of Nations and Regulation of Certain Companies
      Thematic-based: Legal Practice in the Healthcare Business
      A study of the secret patent systems of various countries, and the introduction of the same system in Japan (No.2)(end)
      A study of the secret patent systems of various countries, and the introduction of the same system in Japan (No.1)
      A Detailed Explanation of Economic Partnership Agreements
      Obligation to Conclude Multilateral Treaties in the Field of Intellectual Property through FTA/EPA - Efforts to Strengthen Protection of Rights and to Achieve International Harmonization of Systems -
      Protection of Geographical Indications under the TPP and Japan-EU Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA)
      Selected Intellectual Property Issues under the TPP and Japan-EU EPA
      Dictionary of Contract Terms (Revised Edition)
      Business and IP commitments in Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs)
      JAPAN Section/Protection and Disclosure of Trade Secrets and Know-How
      The Existence of a “Dispute” and the Prima Facie Test for a Tribunal to Have Jurisdiction
      Handbook on Joint Research and Development Agreement
      Reading of U.S. Supreme Court Cases: Commentary on Intellectual Property and Business Cases in the 21st Century
      Document Production Procedure and the Scope of Privilege in Investment Treaty Arbitration
      Indirect Expropriation, Fair and Equitable Treatment Obligations, and Valuation Standards and Methods of Damages under CAFTA
      The investment treaty arbitration decision finding that (i) the change of tax scheme after the investments and demands to hire a given level of nationals did not constitute a breach of the Fair and Equitable Treatment (FET) obligations and that (ii) a breach of contract by the central bank constituted a breach of the ‘expanded’ FET obligations imported through the MFN clause.
      Dictionary of Contract Terms
      Intellectual Property Commitments in Japan's Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs)
      Negotiations regarding Intellectual Property in Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs), [1] - [9]
      Commentary on FTA/EPA Negotiations

      Seminars/Lectures Archives

      Trade Agreements and Free Trade in East Asia
      【Online Seminar】Seminar on Legal Practices for Companies Expanding Their Business Abroad (5): Security Guarantee and Business (Conflicts between Countries and Regulations on Specific Corporations)
      2023.06.07 ~2023.06.08
      Workshop on patent information search and Invention business contest
      2023.03.14 ~2023.03.15
      Workshop & Invention Business Contest
      2023.03.01 ~2023.03.02
      Patent Information Searching Workshop & Invention Business Contest
      2023.02.15 ~2023.02.16
      Workshop on patent information retrieval via patent databases for research and development technology
      2022.12.05 ~2022.12.06
      Workshop and Invention Business Contest on Patent Information Search
      2022.09.08 ~2022.09.09
      Patent Information Search Seminar & Contest - Training on Patent Information Retrieval (Patent Search) and Patent Search Competition on Innovative Technical Solutions for Business -
      2022.09.01 ~2022.09.02
      Seminar and Business Invention Competition - Study, Research and Dissemination of Patent Information -
      【Online Seminar】Protection of Intellectual Property Rights in Russia concerning the Rights of Holders in "Unfriendly Countries" - Influence Arising from Russia's Measures against Economic Sanctions -
      Workshops and Contests on IP Information exploitation on IPPLATFORM - Retrieval Education and Dissemination -
      Workshops and Invention Business Contests on Patent Information Retrieval Education and Dissemination
      【Online Seminar】Issues in International Negotiation in the Field of Intellectual Property
      Impact of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) on Areas of Intellectual Property
      Negotiations regarding Intellectual Property in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)
      Background, Current Status and Prospects of Economic Partnership Agreement Negotiations
      Innovation in Countries in Economic Partnerships as well as the Current Situation and the Prospects for IP Systems
      Negotiations regarding Intellectual Property in Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) of Japan
      Economic Partnership Agreements (EPA) and Intellectual Property


      Japanese and English