Partner Daisuke Mure

Osaka Bar Association, Japan Federation of Bar Associations (2000)
New York State Bar Association (2008)

Location : Osaka Office and Nagoya Office

Professional Summary

Mr. Mure has an expertise in complicated and wide-ranging employment laws and regulations, and provides consulting services on personnel and employment issues to client-companies in all industries and of all sizes.
Mr. Mure has represented clients in various court proceedings such as litigation, provisional disposition proceedings and labor dispute adjudication proceedings, as well as proceedings before the Labor Relations Commission including claims seeking an order for relief.
Mr. Mure is also very experienced in providing services in highly unique and specialized areas of employment law, and have accumulated the needed knowhow relevant thereto, such as collective bargaining with non-company based unions, investigations by the Labor Standards Office (such as an investigation for unpaid overtime or application for approval as an industrial accident), mediation before the prefectural labor bureau, and pension plans.
Mr. Mure has been admitted to the New York bar after completing post-graduate studies in the United States, and can provide legal services in English. He has a wealth of experience in handling global employment issues, and provides legal services to foreign-affiliated companies developing their business in Japan as well as Japanese companies who want to develop their business globally.

Major Cases Handled

Noteworthy Accomplishments

・Claim for payment of Welfare Pension against Matsushita Electric Industries (currently, Panasonic) (2003-2010)
・Petition for acceptance of final appeal seeking confirmation of an employee status against Panasonic Plasma Display (2009)
・Unfair labor practice case of an electrical appliance manufacturer (2013)
・Unfair labor practice case of a manufacturer (2013)
・Case regarding the Act Concerning the Stabilization of Employment of Elderly Persons involving a major manufacturer (2013)
・Sexual harassment case of an IT and media-related company (2014)
・Claim seeking confirmation of an employee status against a manufacturer relating to mental health (2015)
・Claim for payment of overtime against a restaurant chain relating to the qualification as a manager (2015)
・Claim for seeking confirmation of an employee status against a pharmaceutical company relating to dismissal (2016)
・Unfair labor practice case of a major wholesaler (2018)

Education & Professional Experience

Morgan Lewis & Bockius LLP (Philadelphia Office)

University of Michigan Law School (LL.M.)

The University of Tokyo (LL.B.)


Adjunct Instructor, Kyushu University, LLM, Employment Law

-Japan Labor Law Association
-Management Lawyers Council
-International Bar Association(IBA)

Publications Archives

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Law & Technology No. 26 "How to treat research result produced by students"

Seminars/Lectures Archives

2021.07.21 ~2021.09.03
【Online Seminar: Video Streaming】[Back by Popular Demand] Series of International Legal Practice Seminars (10 Seminars in Total)
2021.05.13 ~2021.07.02
【Online Seminar: Video Streaming】Review in 30 Minutes! Labor Law Series: 7 Questions on Telecommuting - Follow-up on Basic Matters Concerning Telecommuting (Working from Home)
【Online Seminar】International Legal Practice Seminar (5):International Labor Management - Points to be Noted by Companies Regarding Employment when Expanding Business Internationally
【Nagoya】Practical Measures in Light of the Supreme Court Decisions in the Nagasawa Unyu Case and Hamakyorex Case -- Specific Steps for Reviewing and Amending Wage Systems and Allowances
【Tokyo】Practical Measures in Light of the Supreme Court Decisions in the Nagasawa Unyu Case and Hamakyorex Case -- Specific Steps for Reviewing and Amending Wage Systems and Allowances
【Osaka】Practical Measures in Light of the Supreme Court Decisions in the Nagasawa Unyu Case and Hamakyorex Case -- Specific Steps for Reviewing and Amending Wage Systems and Allowances
The Supreme Court's First Decision on "Equal Pay for Equal Work" -- Impacts of the Supreme Court Decision and Actions to be Taken
Legal Issues under Korea's New Administration - Particularly on Labor Law, and the Improper Solicitation and Graft Act (the Kim Young-ran Act)
Business in the United States - Comparison of Key Points in Employment Laws of Various States
The latest practices in handling workplace harassment such as "maternity harassment," and a commentary on examples thereof
The Legal and Practical Issues and the Recent Trial Cases relating to the Article 20 of the Labor Contract Act
The Measurement and Adjustment to the Revised Worker Dispatching Act
the Basic knowledge and the practical points on the management of working hour and overtime payment
the Consideration about mental illness and checking stress
the Consideration about the Act for Dispatched Workers
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Seminar on the practice of collective bargaining for the case plural unions exist
Measures for American Employment Law (Second Session)
Various Issues related to recent Environmental Law


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